About Behind The Cupboard

‘Behind the Cupboard’ Productions is an international musical production company located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and is owned by composer and lyricist Peter March.

Its goal is to foster a love of Classical music by providing young children, pianists, piano students and piano teachers with a diverse selection of original piano works written in a classical style.

Most of the songs have lyrics taken from ‘The Annotated Mother Goose’ published in 1967 by the ‘New American Library’. For those not in the know, ‘Mother Goose’ is the anonymous author of a timeless collection of literature compiled over the last 300 years, consisting of nursery rhymes, songs, jingles, riddles, counting-out rhymes, lullabies, prayers, drinking songs, and love songs.

These songs with their lovely melodies and incomparable lyrics will –

– Entertain and inspire the fledging pianist
– Introduce the toddler to his cultural heritage…and provide mom and dad with a nighty-night songbook
– Offer a sing-a-long for non-native speakers learning English.

Musical arrangements by Chen Gusler
Artwork by Guy David Gazit